Andy Ho


Andy Ho, Executive Producer
Since graduating from film school in Singapore, Andy worked in a myriad of roles before joining Digipost in 2008.
During his time working in TV and Documentary production, he coordinated and traveled to destinations such as India, Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. He worked on the TV infotainment, Bare Beauty, of which episode 11 was nominated for Best Cinematography in the Asia Television Awards 2006. He was also Production Coordinator for the 8-episode travel series, Exotic Escapades, which was nominated in the Asia Television Awards in 2007.

His previous experiences also include working on regional projects for National Geographic Channel and Discovery Asia Channel. He was involved in the promos like Martel Elite of the Year, Nokia First Time Filmmaker Awards for Discovery Asia Channel. His documentary credits include Divine Delinquents and Making Christmas that was aired on National Geographic Channel.

When the offer to work in post-production in Vietnam came, he took up the opportunity and never looked back. Since 2008, he has ease into the advertising industry and now strives to deliver a high-quality standard of work to Vietnam.

Besides his bouts of entertaining friends and clients, he does enjoy the quiet time at home reading, playing games and just watching films.

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